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Dancer Profile

Name: Fiji
Where were you born: Atlanta ,Ga 
Birthday: March 30th 
Measurements: 5'3 32/24/34
Appearances, Features, Centerfolds: n/a
Turn On's: Charismatic people , flirty people , aggressiveness, nice eyes , smiles
Turn Off's:  Rude people, lack of respecting boundaries
Favorite Music: Hip hop, contemporary r&b , pop music ,reggae, country music
Q: What do you consider a great date?
 I would have a good date if me and my date go some where classy/ relaxing. During that date we would talk and get to know each other and start exploring each other’s interest.
Q: What should every man need to know about a woman? Every man should know that women love thoughtful things. They should also know that woman like to feel beautiful and understood.
Q: What's the wildest /craziest thing you've done (that you can talk about!)? he wildest thing I have ever done was started singing to my partner durning intercourse. Aside from that I danced in the roof of a car.

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