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Dancer Profile

Name: Ally
Where were you born:  Georgia
Birthday (month and day): August 28, Virgo
Measurements: 5'4 / 32 B
Appearances, Features, Centerfolds: N/A
Turn On's: An intelligent, handsome man who knows how to make me laugh.
Turn Off's: Let's see... bad hygiene, no sense of humor, cockiness. 
Favorite Music: Anything I can dance to. 70's and 80's, hip hop/rap, dubstep.  
Q: What do you consider a great date?  Hmmm.. A great date to me would be to cooking dinner together, having a picnic on a nice day, really anything involving food ;) 
Q: What should every man need to know about a woman?  I think every man should understand that male and female brains are wired differently. 
Q: What's the wildest /craziest thing you've done (that you can talk about!)?  One time I was dared to run a circle around my yard butt naked!

Costume Choices
Sexy Cop
School Girl
Football Girl
Sexy Cat
Sexy Bunny
Formal Attire/Dress
Party Guest/Friend of the Host
Rave Reviews
From: D. mailto:D****
Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2016 7:19 PM
To: Topshelf Entertainment
Subject: Re: Topshelf Entertainer

Ally did great! We loved the show and can't wait to do
Business with you guys again.

Thank you so much

From: Jennifer Pack mailto:
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 3:59 PM
To: 'Topshelf Entertainment'
Subject: RE: Topshelf Entertainer

Ally and Jayde did an awesome job! I would definitely want them at my next party!


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