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Atlanta Gay or Lesbian Party With Strippers and Exotic Dancers


If you are planning a Gay and Lesbian Party Atlanta style, you will love our entertainers. We the the sexiest studs and the most beautiful babes in adult entertainment. Take a look at our hot profiles and give us a call to schedule the adult entertainment for your party. The sky is the limit as far as options go. We can provide an all dudes show, an all girls show, or a little bit of both. You let us know when and where the party is, and what you would like for entertainment, and we will be there to provide you and your guests with the very best!


Planning a Gay or Lesbian Party in Atlanta?


Gay and Lesbian Parties in Atlanta are awesome because the sky is the limit. There are tons of venues, bars, and clubs to visit, and the entertainment in second to none! Take a look at our gals and guys if you want top notch private entertainment that is unlike any other! You will love the show that our dancers put on, just for you and your guests! Every moment will be hot and sexy, and the show will be the talk of the town for months!


Atlanta Gay or Lesbian Party With Strippers and Exotic Dancers Frequently Asked Questions


  • You Can Pick Your Own Entertainer
  • We Have The Most Attractive Atlanta Exotic Dancers
  • Our Service Is Second To None
  • We Offer Competitive Pricing
  • There Are No Hidden Costs Or Fees
  • All Shows Are Professionally Choreographed
  • We Offer Variety
  • Established Since 1984
  • Service Is Paramount In Our Business.
  • Do You Do Massages? No.
  • Do You Have Escorts? No.
  • Will You Send Dancers Other Than Those Listed On Your Website? No.
  • Strip Clubs - Spend Too Much $$
  • Other Companies - They Fall Short. Topshelf Is Unlike Other Companies

Need a Party Bus For a Gay or Lesbian Party in Atlanta?


If you and your friends want to tour the town and do some bar hopping, you need to check out our party buses. Stay safe and enjoy a drink while we take you from venue to venue!

Book a Party Bus for the Bachelor Party in Atlanta with the hottest Strippers in Atlanta !

We never bait and switch. All of the Atlanta Male Strippers & Atlanta Female Strippers on the site are Topshelf dancers. What you see is what you get. We Bring The Atlanta Strip Club To You! Call Us Today at 770-640-6008.

Ok. It's Atlanta Party Time. Call Today 770-640-6008 for the best Atlanta Adult Entertainment

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Mistress Alexis Kim

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Male Shows | Atlanta's Hottest Hunks

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Other Costumes

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