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A Topshelf Comparison


Think again if you believe that you can pay less by going to a strip club and expect to receive the hands-on, quality entertainment that Topshelf delivers. Why? Let's look at the following scenario:

An average party usually consists of 15 guys. Going to one of the better clubs in Atlanta will cost at least $10 for the cover charge, which will come to $150 just to get into the place. This total does not include certain nights where they may charge more for special features. Now, once in the club, there is usually a requirement of a 2-drink minimum. At a minimum $5 per drink times 2 equals another $10 per guy. We are up to a minimum of $20 per guy, or $300. Okay, let's get real. Do you really believe those 2 drinks are going to last for more than an hour. I doubt it, but let us believe they will. So, within the first hour, you have paid a total of $300 for each guy to have 2 drinks in a strip club. Now, add tips to the tab. Let's just say each guy tips $5 minimum just to see the dancers up close. That becomes another $75. Since that is a very low figure, let's round that out to $100. Alright, now your tab is up to $400 total for 1 hour. Let's add some table dances to your bill. Say you order 10 table dances for $5 each. That is another $50. You are now up to $450. If you add more drinks and shooters, your tab will most likely go up at least another $100. If you add a VIP room, there is no telling what your bill will look like afterwards, but it won't be cheap. Let's just say you send the bachelor to the VIP Room. Your looking at another $50 at least. At this point, your buddies have spent a grand total of $600 at the strip club on the cover charge, a few drinks, some table dances, and a VIP treatment for the Bachelor ONLY in LESS THAN 2 hours. As for the dancers available, you do have a larger selection to view. However, many of the dancers may not fall into the quality of a Topshelf entertainer or into the category of your own personal preferences. On top of this, you do not get to touch the girls or get up close and personal. You get to sit on your hands and watch from a distance along with 100 other men you don't even know. You are just another face in the crowd. A strip club is not very personal if you ask me. And as for a night to remember, aren't strip clubs an everyday occurrence now? You can go to one any day of the week. They are nothing new or special. Is this how you want to send the Bachelor out and how you want to spend your hard-earned money?

Also, when driving home from the clubs, everyone is put at risk. They risk getting pulled over for a DUI and they risk losing their own lives as well as others. The temptation to drink and drive can set everyone back beyond their wallets.

With Topshelf, you can have two of our hottest dancers of your choice or preference, your own unlimited drinks, and total hands-on crowd participation up close and personal. It will be just you and your buddies and the 2 babes in the privacy of your own digs. You won't have a bouncer looking over your shoulder, and for a little extra cash each guy can get lap dances AND VIP treatment! You can have it all and more for LESS THAN you would at a strip club for TWO HOURS! And when it's all over, if you can't drive, at least you are at your buddy's house to crash for the night or stay until you sober up. Topshelf Entertainment definitely allows more value for your dollar for that SPECIAL night out.

Just remember one thing…no one has to look great to lay on their back but they do have to look fabulous to be an entertainer, and not just anyone can have what it takes to be a dancer.

Topshelf Entertainers work hard at keeping their figure. They tan, work out in the gym and maintain a diet to look great. You are in the spotlight when you dance. You are under the covers in bed. Need I say more. More importantly, isn't this illegal? Plus, would you or anyone like to take the chance of taking something home to their wives or girlfriends that may be life threatening or certainly relationship ending? I don't think so. Our entertainers are professional, classy dancers that make a living doing this day in day out. This is our forte. We have choreographed our shows and know what we're doing once we arrive at your big event. And we do it well.

Do you want to put your show in the hands of the wrong type of professionals who don't do this often? Escort companies will charge you escort rates. A decent escort will charge at least $300 or more per hour per girl. So, if you order 2 girls for 2 hours, you may be looking at $1200 for the same number of dancers for the same amount of time with far less show value. I don't know about you but I work too hard for my money to spend more than twice as much for a lot less and take chances that are not worth the risk. You be the judge!

So you found a deal by calling the club dancer you just met the other night. Or you convinced your good-looking friend to do the party. If you like taking risks, then there is something you need to know.

If a club dancer can make $500 + at the club on any given night, particularly Friday or Saturday which are the big money nights, do you think for one minute she would leave that possibility to do your show for $100-$200? Very doubtful that she would show up for your party. Money talks and 'BS' walks. That is the name of their game. Even so, let's say they did make it to the party, do you think they come with a plan or choreographed show, or do you just think they will just walk into the room and strip? The odds are that they will come in late, possibly wasted on some kind of drug, and strip to whatever music you may have in the CD player.

Oh, and about that "friend" you got for a bargain, you may want to remind yourself that she is an amateur and may back out an hour before the show. Most of all, though, do you really want to use your friend as a night to remember? One thing is for sure, you will never look at them the same again, and neither will they.

At Topshelf, our dancers are professional and their forte is to entertain using their beautiful bodies and talent. We have our own music on CD, and the shows are choreographed to it for these specific events. If you request a pair of dancers, we usually send two who have worked together before to give you the best show in town.


a) WE DO NOT DECEIVE: Topshelf Entertainment does NOT bait you with false photos of dancers on our website. What you see is what you get with Topshelf. All of the dancers pictured are Topshelf Entertainers.

b) OUR SERVICE IS UNPARALLELED: Our service is second to none. Nobody delivers the entertainers to your front door in this business. (Escorts not included here, just dancing entertainment only). You can be assured that you will receive whom you asked for on time. Period. You decide if everything is to your satisfaction upon delivery. Your booking confirmation will have everything you ordered on it to be signed by both parties to ensure you get everything you booked. No Surprises! No Disappointments! No Embarrassments! No Hassles!

c) YOU GET TOPSHELF QUALITY: Our hiring process is intense. We put a lot of time and effort into finding and hiring the best. We have strict requirements and guidelines to ensure our entertainers are the most attractive and professional in this industry. Others just hire anyone. They need bodies; we need beauties.
d) WE OFFER THE BEST VALUE: Again, if you compare apples to apples, you get the most for you money here at Topshelf. Our prices are very competitive. If we are not the cheapest, we are the best value for you dollar - Remember, you get what you pay for!

e) WE HAVE A VAST VARIETY OF ENTERTAINERS & SERVICES: Not only do we have lots of beautiful entertainers to choose from, but we also offer a variety in services and shows. You can customize and accessorize your shows with many of our optional services. We are your one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want a night to remember for the person of honor and ALL of your guests, then hire Topshelf Entertainment. We are the entertainment company that will provide everything you need for that special occasion. Look no further for top class professionalism, beautiful looks, bodacious bodies, personality, dependability and value. Topshelf Entertainment is your top ticket to THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN!

We never bait and switch. All of the Atlanta Male Dancers & Atlanta Female Dancers on the site are Topshelf dancers. What you see is what you get from Topshelf Entertainment. Topshelf will bring you and your guests a show you will never forget. We Bring The Atlanta Strip Club To You!